As this industry has continually proven to be of importance, it is safe to say that the lash and brow industry has a solid place in modern beauty culture.

The Pretty Little Secrets Lash Master Courses is just the beginning of your career as a Beauty Boss. We will teach you all the tools required and help guild you to success!


Once you have the security of education, you will enjoy the flexibility that comes with the beauty industry. You might wish to work often, securing clientele, or you may want to begin light, only accepting appointments based on your schedule.

Whatever way, you have the freedom to choose, this privilege is rare.  The flexibility and income is attractive enough for those who are contemplating entering into the lash industry, but there is also the clientele to consider. With the knowledge and of these beauty services, you will have the ability to and please and satisfaction of completely transforming a person’s natural features.

From changing, the appearance of the facial shape, to completely enhancing one’s features, you will be central in contributing to a clientele’s over all image and self-esteem-a game changer!

Why Choose Us?


With two decades of experience in the lash and brow industry, Dianne Nguyen, founder and creator of Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar, has mastered the art of brow correction and lash application. The knowledge and expertise she has gained throughout the years, Dianne has instilled in all those under her employ. Constant involvement in the industry, with its ever-changing trends, ensures we are always up to date with the newest, most effective lash supplies and techniques.

The one on one master class environment will ensure you receive the attention you need in order to gain the skills to become a proficient stylist. Apart from expert training, you will be provided with a take home kit, stocked with the various tools that are required, as well as Pretty Little Secrets Manual. Tools included within the lash kit are the following:

  • 2x  pair of stainless steal tweezers
  • 1x  10 pack of lint free eye pads
  • 2x  Lash adhesive
  • 5x  0.15mm silk lash tray of each curl using 
  • 1x  100 pack disposable mascara wands
  • 1x  100 pack micro swabs
  • 1x  roll of surgical clear tape
  • 1x  jade stone and protective stickers
  • 1x  pack of adhesive rings
  • 1x  cream remover
  • 1x  lash primer


Not only will you be given the tools and knowledge to become a successful technician but you will also be given the knowledge needed to become a successful business owner. Dianne built Pretty Little Secrets from the ground up, and would like to share the experience and tips she has gained with those wanting to learn. By the end of this master course you will be one step closer to achieving all your career goals.

lash training



If you complete the program successfully, you will be presented with a certificate to confirm that you have had lash extension training. This certificate does not give you the licence to become a legal technician. In  order to get that certification, a diploma as an Esthetican is required.

the lash tech course

COST: (REG) $1350.00 NOW: $699.00!!! plus tax


*Upon booking your training date a 25% deposit is required. The deposit is used to secure your training date and is non-refundable.

Pretty Little Secrets offers a 2-day ONLINE training course in which you will be taught and given the tools to successfully apply lashes. Each class only holds one person so you are getting the full attention and help from your experienced technician.


Throughout this 20-hour Master Course you will be taught…


  • Classic lashes, Hybrid and intro to volume
  • Application
  • Tools used
  • Placement
  • Classic lash techniques
  • Hybrid lash techniques
  • Handmade volume fan technique and difference in pre-made versus handmade
  • Removals


  • Steps to ensure customer comfort
  • Styling
  • All lengths, thickness and curvature
  • Aftercare information


  • Sanitation
  • Clientele health & safety
  • Keeping a clean work environment
  • Allergic reaction policies


  • How to build a business from the ground up
  • Effective marketing for new businesses
  • How to retain onto clientele for a lifetime

the course schedule


The morning starts off by going over various categories, starting with theory. This includes a verbal description and instruction to classic, hybrid and volume as well as tool presentation and description.

Next, you will learn everything you need in regards to customer care. This includes how to conduct a proper client consultation, extension aftercare instructions, and product knowledge. Lastly, to ensure customer comfort, you will be taught how to efficiently gain and maintain a loyal clientele.

You will learn about health and safety and will be taught all of the most updated and current hygiene and safety regulations to ensure you are applying the extensions safely. This will include demonstrations on how to properly sanitise tools, how to keep an organised work space, and how to handle clients that have an allergic reaction to extensions.

Lastly, using her extensive knowledge and experience, Dianne will be giving advice and sharing the information and tips she has collected over years of running her own business. This will ensure those who are longing to own their own lash studio are being sent in the right direction.


You will take everything you have learned in the morning and apply it to the live model you have brought. Not only will you be
practising the application technique we have shown you, but you also will be incorporating all of the heath and safety regulations, and customer care portions as well. This includes all proper tool, work space, and personal sanitation.

You will also be conducting your own customer consultation, in which you will determine which extension set to apply, based on the clients style preference, eye shape, and lash quantity. If by the end of the course you have correctly followed the heath and safety, customer care, and application methods taught, you will then receive a certificate signifying your participation and completion of this lash course.

is this for everyone?


No prior experience is required. This course is aimed toward individuals passionate about the beauty industry and want to become successful in the lash and brow industry.


“There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing this industry as a career, it is very competitive and there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Without the proper training you could go into your career doing things the wrong way because no one ever taught you the right way.

I want to train and support those who are serious about taking part in this industry.

I want to work with people who truly want this as a career, and are willing to devote their time and effort into becoming the best lash technician they can be.

I will support and guide you as best as I can to ensure that you are applying lashes, properly, efficiently, and safely.

This industry is a passion of mine and you will get all the tools and proper training to succeed.

Welcome to the beauty world.”


how to register?

Upon submitting your registration, you will hear back from one of our team member!

Your success starts right here with Pretty Little Secrets.