What are lash extensions made of?

Many beauty salons use mink lashes, but at Pretty Little SecretsTM we use lash extensions made from silk as they retain their curl longer. Because mink is actual hair, it loses its curl when wet. With silk lashes, this problem is avoided. More importantly, we only use cruelty free products.

Are there any options for those who are allergic to lash extensions?

There sure is! We offer a hypoallergenic adhesive. We often get a reaction from eyelash extensions because of the cyanoacrylate present in the adhesive. The hypoallergenic is free of this ingredient and is specifically designed to please those with extension sensitivities.

How do you perform the lash lift?

The lashes are places over a curved silicone pad and then two solutions are separately placed on them for 18 minutes each. The first solution opens up the follicles and the second closes them while they are curved over the silicon pad. This produces the lifted lash look.

Will lash extensions pull out my natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions will not pull out the natural lash hair if applied correctly. Here at PLS we make sure that we use only the best supplies and techniques to ensure that your natural lashes will not be harmed. We can shed up to 10 lashes per week, but because they are so small we often don’t notice it. When we have the extensions our natural lash cycle is more noticeable.

How often do I have to come for lash touch ups?

We have options for lash touch ups from one to four weeks. But how frequently you would need to come in for the stylist application will depend on how well you take care of them and your skin type. At PLS we make sure to use the best techniques and products to ensure a prolonged extension wear, but after you leave the shop it all depends on you. Make sure that you aren’t touching or placing any oil based products on the lashes. In the mornings gently brush out the extensions with the brush provided to you by your stylist. You must always make sure you are gentle when handling them. Lastly, it is dependent on your skin. If you have naturally oily skin, the extensions will come off faster because the oil will slowly break down the adhesive holding the extension to your natural lash.

Can I apply mascara or strip lashes to my extensions?

Adding mascara or strip lashes to the extensions is not recommended. Applying anything to the lashes inevitably results in having to rub or continuously touch the extensions, which can make them fall off quicker. Mascara also contains oil and when wearing extensions, you want to avoid putting on any products around the eyes that contain oil because it can cause the adhesive, holding the extension to the natural lash, to fall off.

Can I get my extensions wet?

You can’t get your lash extensions wet within the first 24 hours but after that getting them wet will have no affect. Many people are concerned that wetting the extensions will make them fall off sooner. That is not the case. The adhesive is waterproof; therefore water will not cause fallout. What you need to be careful about is how you are drying the lashes. Make sure you aren’t rubbing the lashes. Instead, gently brush them out using the lash brush provided by your stylist. So, don’t fear water! Ensure you are cleaning your eyes, because if you don’t then eye gunk or leftover makeup will collect near the eye and could cause infections.

Are lash extensions heavy, like strip lashes?

Strip lashes feel heavy because they are applied directly to the skin. Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lash, so the heavy feeling associated with a strip lash isn’t present.

Can I get lash extensions if I have really small lashes?

You sure can! We do recommend you go with the volume lashes because they are a finer extension. By getting this set it allows us to create your preferred lash style without worrying about putting too much strain on your natural lash.

Are there natural looking extensions?

Yes, we have many extension options that will provide you with the subtle natural look. The most natural looking full set we have is the Classic set. In the Classic set a single lash extension is placed on each individual natural lash. This gives the appearance of 2 to 3 coats of mascara. If you are looking for an even more subtle look we have the partial set, which is approximately 50 extensions per eye. Its sounds like a lot but we can have up to 200 lashes per eye so it will be very simple.

Will I ever need a lash extension break?

No you can have eyelash extensions for as long as you would like. Lash extensions don’t damage the natural lash so you can have them for any amount of time without the worry of harming your natural lashes.


Is the wax harmful to the skin?

No, we use Nufree, which is a soy based surgical wax. Surgeons use this when preparing patients for surgery. This wax is especially designed for sensitive skin, so you won’t experience redness, typical swelling, or any tearing to the skin.

What is the Henna Spa Treatment?

It is a 7 step treatment that gives more prominent, full brows. We achieve the maximum result of staining, which prolongs the effects of the procedure. This process consists of cleansing and removing oil from the skin, scrubbing with HennaSpa, shampooing the eyebrow hair, mixing the Henna powder and an aqua HennaSpa mineral solution, then applying it evenly on the brows and leaving it for 15- 20 minutes, gently removing the solution with a damp cotton pad and lastly, applying a solution to ensure that the henna lasts longer on the skin.

How is your brow shaping different from others?

Some beauty studios rush and strip too many hairs away. In reality, it can take many sessions to finally achieve your ideal shape, which takes patience and a skilled hand. Here at PLS we understand that. We are all about enhancing and molding a client’s natural brow into a shape that will best complement the face.

What can I do with my brows if I have no hair?

If you have little to no hair on the brows, we offer a growth serum from EyEnvy (sold at Pretty Little Secrets). This serum can help with the growth of your brows as well as your lashes. You simply apply the serum to your brows and/or lash line once every morning. This has a very high success rate and is proven to produce full length, thick lashes and brows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on compromised skin. So, if you have any scarring that is preventing you from growing brow hair then we can offer a semi-permanent option.

What is the difference between eyebrow henna and an eyebrow tint?

Eyebrow tinting darkens your natural eyebrow hairs. You still have natural looking brows. Tinting just helps them appear darker and fuller. With eyebrow henna you are temporarily dying the skin. This results in a more polished looking full brow.

Do you have options for brow grooming for men?

We sure do! Shaping the men’s brows with waxing and plucking, we make sure that the men’s brow is well groomed.