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Dianne is the founder of Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar, her passion is driven by her ability to perfectly craft detailed eyelash and eyebrow makeovers. For over 10 years, she has been working towards the dream of one day owning her own business. While some people think the beauty industry is superficial and for those who care too much about their appearances, as a working woman and mom, Dianne truly understands how difficult it is to prioritize what you need versus what you want. Many of us spend more time making sure everyone around us is cared for but forget about taking care of ourselves. The beauty industry has been telling us for years that looking good makes us feel better about ourselves, everything they do at Pretty Little Secrets is designed to help their clients see the true potential of their natural beauty.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
On Nov 24th, 2019, Pretty Little Secrets was awarded The Best Brow Bar in Ontario. Being named finalists at The Ontario Hair & Beauty Awards.
Congratulations to Dianne and her team on this amazing accomplishment!!

– Boss Babe TO


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best brow bar in ontario

On November 24, 2019, Pretty Little Secrets was awarded The Best Brow Bar in Ontario. Being named finalists at The Ontario Hair & Beauty Awards, the whole crew dressed to impress and attended the award ceremony held by Creative Oceanic. Everyone on the team was ecstatic when we were called up to called the award. We would like to thank not only Creative Oceanic for giving us this award and hosting such an amazing ceremony, but we would also like to thank our loyal clients for constantly supporting us. Pretty Little Secrets has been open for almost 4 years now and since day one we have done everything we can to ensure that the application and results of the services we provide are nothing short of perfect. We can not express the gratitude we feel for this award, it is not only a physical symbol of all the hard work we have put into making our studio the best, but is also a motivator for us to continue on the path upwards to becoming the best Lash and Brow Bar in Canada.


It is a privilege to be in an industry that allows me to improve a woman’s self-esteem. If a woman feels beautiful, she will become more self-assured, positive and confident. Not only do I strive to provide this to my clients, but to my staff as well.

Half our staff are under twenty years of age. Unfortunately, you don’t see this very often with small businesses because of the stigma surrounding young people. I only hire trained and qualified beauty artists, age is of no importance to me. It is very important for young people to feel that they are just as capable as their older colleagues. They need to feel strong and empowered as well. As soon as we start giving the opportunities to showcase their capabilities, the more they will flourish and improve later in life.
My aim is to empower woman. I commend anyone else that strives to do that as well.
“Be you, be beautiful, and never doubt your capabilities”

– D. Nguyen (founder)

We are pleased to announce that one of our newest additions to Baby Point Gates BIA – Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar – was recognized as Baby Point Gates BIA’s most outstanding business at Cheri DiNovo’s 7th Annual Community Appreciation Gala. Cheri is the Parkdale-High Park Member of Provincial Parliament.

Diane and her team are masters at enancing brows and lashes, so be sure to stop by and see her beautiful studio!

toronto kids fashion week

Pretty Little Secrets TM got their hot tools and hair brushes out for Toronto Kids Fashion Week this year. This amazing event has kids strutting their stuff down the runway, displaying not only some of the world’s most iconic kids clothes brands, but clothes from upcoming kids brands as well. It is not just about the beautiful clothing though. Before the actual event all the kids participating take part in multiple workshops, all aimed to “build confidence, inspire creativity and develop their potential” (T.K.F.W). Most importantly this event is in support of “Make A Wish”. Money made from this event goes towards Make A Wish, an organisation whose mission is to grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions.

Pretty Little Secrets TM had the honour of doing all the little lovelies hair for this special event. This being Adrianna’s first outing as Pretty Little Secrets TM co-op student she says, “This is such an amazing opportunity for those who are just being introduced to the beauty industry. You get the opportunity to see how everything works, how high pressure it is!!” Only having a certain amount of time, and so much hair to style, we were so lucky to have Elsie, our P.L.S hair stylist, to lead the way “It was a great experience. I loved seeing not only our team working together, but all the other teams involved as well. Everyone worked so efficiently to make sure that the kids, and the audience had a great time “. Never a dull moment, by the end of the event PLS, frazzled and exhausted, got to see some of the kids walking down the runway!! Dianne the owner of Pretty Little Secrets TM had this to say “The modelling industry is hard, there are a lot of things and people that are needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. At the end of the day all of the hard work was worth it. The kids look great, they were so cute!”

This was such an amazing event and everyone here at Pretty Little Secrets TM, left it not only with a great experience under their belt, but with an appreciation for everything that T.K.F.W does.

Toronto's Kids Fashion Week, Daniel Spectrum 585 Dundas St E. Event: Toronto Kids Fashion Week. Supporting the “Make A Wish” foundation.

world series of beauty lash conference

Pretty Little Secrets very own Dianne, and a small part of the team went to Las Vegas to take part in the World Series of Beauty Lash Conference & Championship.

This event, created by lash artists, has lash technicians from all around the world travel to not only compete but to chat and network with one another. Before the competition took place a conference was held with an array of speakers: from coaches, to fellow lash technicians, this conference presented all participants with the best up to date lashing trends, the most effective lash application techniques, how to improve your application speed, etc. Apart from actual application seminars there were also speakers aimed to help you create and maintain a successful lash business, from professionals in the marketing industry, to speakers discussing how to form an effective lash team, this conference really hit all the bases when it comes to thriving in the lash industry.

After the conference took place, it was time for the competition! With various different categories to choose from Dianne entered into the Classic Expert Division, where she competed head to head with other lash technicians with over 2 years’ experience in the industry. With a nerve racking two hours to apply the classic set, all lash technicians had to put their best lashing techniques to the test. You were judged not only on your ability to apply the set but on numerous other aspects as well; from the thickness and curl, to the styling, symmetry, distance from eyelid, general impression, and so much more. Even the most experienced lash technicians were put to the test.

Once the lash competition was complete all participants got all dolled up for the Gala where the results of the competition would be announced. Dressed to the nines, Dianne and her team had a blast at the Gala, where mouth-watering food was served and incredible performers captivated the crowd. With this wonderful event under her belt Dianne had to say:

“I had such an amazing few days in Vegas, not only did I get to talk to and learn with so many other incredible lash technicians, but I was able to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity with some members of my Pretty Little Secrets team. With them I got to experience and enjoy Vegas to the fullest and I will forever hold the memory. Even though I did not bring home the win, I was honored to represent Toronto, Canada in the competition.”

A huge thank you to Lash Artisan for sponsoring Dianne and being such a big support through the whole process, and thank you to all the PLS clientele for all your well wishes!

snapd toronto


Pretty Little Secrets Lash and Brow Bar hosted a fabulous event at the shop in order to launch the newest products from Cailyn Cosmetics. The product line offers non animal-tested products that are formulated without harmful ingredients and are certified by Leaping Bunny. The night was a demonstration class of the diverse uses of the brand and an educational setting for the many interested attendees. It was also a special night of celebration and bringing awareness to the services they provide for their cancer clients.

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Our talented hair stylist can give you the prom hairdo of your dreams. From an intricate up do, to a soft French braid. With our “Fancy Style” service, you can get the elaborate prom do you are looking for. If you are looking to spice up a simple curled look, try our “Braid (add on)” service, this will give any hair look a subtle flare. Through our dry styling services we can give you your curled, straightened or braided dream hairstyle.


Make-up is the cherry on top of the perfect prom look, and can be such a stressful part of the prom preparation process if you have no experience doing it. Fear not! Our talented makeup artist @prettylittlesecrets_julie has got you! We have a variety of makeup services that will accommodate everyone’s prom makeup preference! With our “Full Glam” service you get the customized eyeshadow, full coverage foundation, contour, and a bonus free lash application. With our “Soft Glam” service you get the personalized eyeshadow, light contour and medium to full coverage foundation. A special tip: before your makeup application show your artist a photo of your dress, that way she can choose the best makeup tones to compliment not only you but the dress colour as well.

prom makeup

Tips and tricks:

How to have an up-do that lasts:

Having spent so much time picking the perfect style for our hair, it is only just that the style holds throughout the night. This can be hard as you most likely won’t be sitting still during prom. So we have a tip that will help with keeping your locks in place. A very crucial part of having a style that stays, is the condition of your hair before it is styled. This is why dry styling is so beneficial. While having that silky hair after a wash is great, it isn’t ideal when doing an up do. The silky hair makes it harder for the hair to hold, as well as getting the desired volume. With dry styling your hair isn’t washed before the styling, this gives your hair a better grip, making it easier to create the volume and style you want.

How to go for the natural look while still looking glamorous:

If you don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, getting a full face of makeup can seem rather daunting. Lucky we don’t need to get completely done up to look prom ready.  Simple changes to the brows, covering small blemishes and a subtle lash liner can make a world of difference. BB cream is a great replacement for foundation, as it still covers unwanted blemishes while feeling lighter then foundation. Filling in your brows is another great thing to do if you want to look put together without putting too much makeup on. It is amazing how a simple filled in brow, (whether it be with gel, pencil, or powder) can immediately transform the face.  Lastly a simple stroke of eyeliner can make a world of difference. With just a simple black line on your lash line, it can make your lashes appear fuller.

Customer Question of the Month:

What are the must needs to ensure I am looking fresh all night?

After all the time and money spent getting the perfect prom look, the last thing we want is for it to all be ruined after the first hour of dancing. That’s why it is always beneficial to keep some must need beauty products in your purse to ensure your hair and makeup looks fresh all night long. Being on the dance floor for hours with a hundred people, you are bound to get hot, and with that comes an oily face. Carrying blotting paper is always a safe bet. By just dabbing the oily areas with the blotting papers it will remove all the unwanted oil while leaving your makeup in tact.

Are you afraid to really let loose and dance, because you don’t want your hair to fall flat? Have no fear if your hair turns flat, pulling out your trusty Hair Volume Powder will do the trick. With this travel sized product you simply shake a small amount of product into your hands or directly on the roots of your hair and work the product through your hair, this will immediately bring volume back to your roots!!


Blink Lash Store. (2019). Eye Makeup Remover Pads [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.blinklashstore.com/products/eye-makeup-remover-pads [Accessed 22 April 2019].
Blink Lash Store. (2019). Eye Makeup Remover Pads [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.blinklashstore.com/products/eye-makeup-remover-pads [Accessed 22 April 2019].

Our spotlight product of the month is the amazing Blink Makeup Removing Pads!!

This brilliant product easily removes makeup while smoothing and moisturizing the skin as well. Not to mention this product is oil free and specifically designed for eyelash extension wearers!!

March break is so close I can already feel the warm sand beneath my feet, hear the sound of laughter and waves crashing against the shore, and see a beautiful sunset, to end a beautifully relaxing day. So close but so far.

 Those five extra days sound so sweet and are so needed, after all of the hard work we have been doing. Whether it’s school or work, the days of the week have been dragging on. We are all in need to a little vaycay

 There are two types of “Spring Breakers” :the party all nighters, those are the ones that use that break to let loose, go out with some friends, and party the stress away. Then we have our relaxers, whether it be relaxing on a nice warm beach or staying home curled up with a good book, as long as you can sit back and de-stress, you are happy.

 Here at Pretty Little Secrets, we have the services and products to suit which ever spring breaker you are.


Sleep, eat, party, repeat, sleep, eat, party repeat.

Do you have an epic spring break extravaganza planned with all your best buds? Is every hour of your break utilized and jam packed full of fun activities and events?

With so little time and so much to do the last thing we want is to worry about getting ready so, unless you want to change your spring break mantra to sleep, eat, spend 1 hour to get ready, party repeat, then we suggest you come on down to Pretty Little Secrets and get all glammed up.

 It takes 2 hours too long to get all glammed up for a day out, and with only 7 days to really relieve all the stress that’s built up from school, work or both, every minute counts! Do you want a party look that will last you more than just one night? If you do then we have the perfect services for you!!

Volume Extensions

What screams party more than a beautiful set of glamorous extensions. Here at Pretty Little Secrets we have 3 different types of volume extensions, one for every type of party goer.

Natural Volume: With this fabulous Volume set approximately 2 or 3 extensions are placed on every one of your natural lashes. This gives you slightly more density, while still looking light and natural.

Glam Volume: With the beautiful Glam Volume Set 4 to 5 extensions are paced on every one of your natural lashes. This set being a step up from the Natural Volume set, gives you a little more density while still looking fluffy and light.

Russian Volume: Last but certainly not least is the gorgeous Russian Volume Set. With 5 to 6 extensions being placed on every one of your natural lashes, this is the fullest of the extension sets. This Set will give you a gorgeous set of lashes.

Brow Henna

Arguably one of the most time consuming things out of all the makeup application, is filling in your brows.

The hassle of trying to make the brows symmetrical and the inevitable frustration when you don’t.  Why not just skip it and have perfectly filled in brows, with no effort at all? Sounds pretty good to me!

With this brow service we place the henna on the skin below the brows giving you an automatic filled in brow look that lasts up to 14- 20 days.


Who needs the craziness of the spring break festivities when all you need is a comfy spot and a good book to relax. With all the busyness of everyday life it is important that we utilize every moment of this spring break and use all the time to sit back and rewind. So, to ensure that happens we have listed a service and product that can help you save time, so you can relax.

Blink Diamond Sealant

Although extensions can be absolutely fantastic it can be hard sometimes to find the time to come in for the touch ups, and the last thing we want to be doing during our time of de-stressing is having to trek through the cold weather to get our lashes touched up. The amazing Blink Diamond Sealant helps prolong your extension wear. Coming in translucent and black, you apply the sealant over the extensions, and it creates a protective barrier over the adhesive.

Blink Lash Store. (2019). Black Diamond Sealant [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.blinklashstore.com/products/black-diamond-sealant [Accessed 9 March 2019].
Blink Lash Store. (2019). Black Diamond Sealant [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.blinklashstore.com/products/black-diamond-sealant [Accessed 9 March 2019].

Lash Lift

This amazing service not only curls your natural lash but with the service comes a complimentary tinting as well, so you look like you are wearing mascara, without having to actually put on any! The best part is that there is no maintenance, you can do absolutely anything without the fear of the lash lift falling. No more time wasted meticulously putting mascara on and curling your lashes.

Spotlight Product of the Month

This month’s product of the month is the amazing Morning Glamour Pillow and Mist Gift Set!

 This wonderful gift set comes with a beautiful satin pillowcase and a relaxing lavender mist.

The satin pillowcase not only makes for a glamorous pillow cover but it can also prevent face wrinkles and hair breakage. Apart from the amazing beauty benefits this gift set gives you, it also comes with a lavender mist, that can be sprayed on your pillow, surrounding you with a relaxing scent that will help you sleep.

Morning Glamour. (2019). MORNING GLAMOUR GIFT SET IVORY [ONLINE]. Available at: https://morningglamour.com/products/morning-glamour-gift-set-ivory [Accessed 9 March 2019].

Customer Question of the Month:

How to prevent damage to my hair?

Everyone wants healthy looking hair, but that can be tricky when there is so many things that can damage ones hair. The amount of times your hair gets washed plays a big part in the quality of your hair. Believe it or not, washing your hair too much can be really damaging. Washing it continuously can strip the hair of it’s natural oils causing it to become dry and easy to break. Washing your hair as little as twice a week will make such a big difference in the quality of your hair.

Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we have to get prepared! What are you and that special person doing for February 14th?

It can be hard to believe that a time so focused on love can be so stressful, but there is so much that needs to be done. The big questions that fly through every #lovestruck mind this season is: what are we going to do? What I am going to wear? How will I do my hair? What do I get the person? There is far too much to consider, and with all this stuff to worry about we can forget what this lovely holiday is really about, the people we care about.

Fear not beautiful clientele, we are here to ease some of your Valentine’s Day worries. We not only have a stunning makeup look to inspire some #valentinesdaymakeup. We will also be giving you a step by step tutorial on how to achieve it.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup 

For this Valentine’s day makeup look our talented lash tech and makeup artist @prettylittlesecrets_juliemua has given us all the need to knows on how to master this makeup look. HOLD ON!!!! Before we get into the tutorial we have to take a moment to appreciate the eyebrow shape on this beautiful model. @prettylittlesecrets_rachel our phenomenal brow and licensed semi-permanent brow makeup artist, shaped her brows to perfection, with the Brow Correction (no tinting) service. Now that our minute of #browlove is over let’s get into the tutorial!!!

valentine makeup

Step 1: Eyelid Primer

This first step is the most important as eye-primer preps the eyelid, preventing unwanted creases, and prolonging eyeshadow wear. For this look we used Prep+ Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base.

Once you have your eyelid primer in place, it’s time to get into the gorgeous eyeshadows. This entire eye look was created using the @hudabeauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette:

Colours used: Desert Sand, Amber, Eden, Saffron, Turkish Delight, Blood Moon, Cosmo

All of these beautiful colours were applied to the lid using the @morphebrushes 503- 12 Piece Beautiful and Bronze Set

Step 2:

Take the @morphebrushes Eyeshadow Fluff Brush, and dip it into the colour Desert Sand, and apply it all over the lid to set the primer.

Step 3:

Go in with the same brush and cover the whole eyelid with the colour Eden and then blend evenly throughout the eyelid.

Step 4:

With a flat eyeshadow brush (concealer brush), go into the shade Amber and gently tap the colour into the outside and inside corner of your Eye. Afterward bring out your fluffy brush and blend into the centre of the eyelid.

Step 5:
Using the same concealer brush, apply the colour Saffron to the centre of the eyelid. Using the fluffy brush blend that to the outer and inner corners of the eye like was done with Amber.

Step 6:
Spray another angle brush with setting spray and dip it into Blood Moon then coat it into the centre and work your way inner and outer, like the other steps.

Step 7:
To get that fabulous glittery look, apply a light layer of Duo Lash Glue to the centre of the lid. After apply Loose Glitter (we used Mac Loose Glitter in the colour Copper AB7) and place it on top of the previously applied lash glue.

Step 8:
For our final step we used the @katvondbeauty Dagger Liner to achieve the sharp cat eye.

MORPHE. (2019). SET 503 - 12 PIECE BEAUTIFUL AND BRONZE SET [ONLINE]. Available at: https://au.morphe.com/products/set-503 [Accessed 3 February 2019].
MORPHE. (2019). SET 503 - 12 PIECE BEAUTIFUL AND BRONZE SET [ONLINE]. Available at: https://au.morphe.com/products/set-503 [Accessed 3 February 2019].
Kat Von D. (2019).
Dagger Tattoo Liner [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.katvondbeauty.com/eye/eyeliner/dagger-tattoo-liner/10047.html?dwvar_10047_color=1025 [Accessed 10 February 2019].
Kat Von D. (2019). Dagger Tattoo Liner [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.katvondbeauty.com/eye/eyeliner/dagger-tattoo-liner/10047.html?dwvar_10047_color=1025 [Accessed 10 February 2019].

Spotlight Product of the Month

HudaBeauty. (2018). DESERT DUSK EYESHADOW PALETTE [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/desert-dusk-eyeshadow-palette.html#q=desert%2Bdusk%2Beyeshadow%2Bpalette&lang=en_US&start=1 [Accessed 3 February 2019].
HudaBeauty. (2018). DESERT DUSK EYESHADOW PALETTE [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/desert-dusk-eyeshadow-palette.html#q=desert%2Bdusk%2Beyeshadow%2Bpalette&lang=en_US&start=1 [Accessed 3 February 2019].

The rightly deserved product of the month is the @hudabeauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.

Without this amazing palette and its vibrant colours, we wouldn’t of been able to make this #valentinesday makeup look .

Not only does it have a lovely range of warm colours but the pigment is one for the books. It can be hard to find a palette with these colours, that is not only well pigmented but easy to use. These shades blend out perfectly, making applying eyeshadow easy, even for the newest of makeup users.

Customer Question of the Month:

How do I prevent fallout?

It is so much fun playing with all sorts of #brightandbeautiful eyeshadow colours, but the mess they can create is often what deters us from every using them. A great way to prevent major fallout is tapping the eyeshadow brush before applying it to your eyelid. By tapping the brush, it gets rid of any excess product, preventing it from landing on the area below the eyes, leaving you #flawless.

Happy New Year lovelies!!!!!

2018 has been such an amazing year for Pretty Little Secrets TM. From participating in Toronto kids fashion week, to expanding our services, and product variety, Pretty Little Secrets TM has had such a busy year. We make sure that with every coming year, we are always growing and developing.

There are going to be so many new and exciting things happening in 2019 for PLS. Our new years resolution already set in place 2019 promises to be a year filled with new and exciting things, and we can’t wait for all of you to see it.

The beginning of a new year can mean so many different things for everyone, and often it is the time to either drop a not so great habit or start to develop an amazing skill. Although we can’t necessary help you with the former, we can most definitely help you with the latter.  Some of you may not know this, but Pretty Little Secrets TM does not only do lashes and brow services, but we do makeup as well. Not only makeup applications, but classes for those who would like to learn how to properly apply makeup.

Makeup application can be such a hard thing to do, and it takes some years to do properly. With there being so many different makeup brands and products, it is almost impossible to sort out the good from bad.  This is why for our first blog of the year we will be talking about some makeup tips and tricks, as well as giving you all the juicy details about what to expect in our makeup classes.

Pretty Little Secrets’ Makeup Classes:

Full Face Makeup Class:

It has taken us so many years to find the makeup products and techniques that work for us. With those years we have learned what makeup products really don’t work and what makeup products are useful, and of course we want to share all this knowledge with you.  From how to properly apply your foundation, to how to perfectly blend your eyeshadow, you will be told all the best products and taught all the best techniques to use, for your specific skin type and facial structure. The best part is you won’t only be walking out of the studio with amazing new makeup skills, but with a beautiful face of makeup as well. Sounds pretty good to me!


Single Feature Makeup Class:

This class is for those that are not so new to the makeup world but have always found applying makeup to a certain part of the face tricky. That could range from eyeshadow, to contour, to properly applying makeup to the eyebrows. What ever the problem, this class will help you become proficient in even the most tricky facial features.


Tips and Tricks:

How To Balance Colourful Makeup:

Makeup is such an amazing tool, used to not only enhance our already beautiful features but almost “decorate” them with gorgeous colours. Some are afraid to do the bold and bright colours because they fear it will be too much. This however is not the case! You can step into the world of beautiful blues and bold reds, it is all about knowing how much to put. If you want to add a pop of colour to your eyelid, that is perfectly fine! The trick is then to put on a nude or light lip color. The same can be said with lipsticks. If you want a red lip make sure you use neutral colours for your eyelid. Following this ensures your makeup will always be perfectly balanced.

When Putting Foundation On The Face Bring It Down To The Neck:

One of the biggest make up mistakes is forgetting to put foundation on the neck as well as your face. This may seem silly, but it really makes a difference. When looking for a foundation we usually are looking for the shade most similar to our face. Our neck often shaded by our face is inevitably a different shade. So, when you put foundation on just the face it is easily noticeable because the shades will differ so greatly. This is why bringing the foundation down to the neck is so important. It blends the foundation perfectly giving you the look of naturally flawless skin.

Setting Spray:

Setting spray is such an important part of a makeup routine. Not only does it perfectly lock in makeup, giving you long lasting makeup wear, but it also refreshes the makeup, preventing it from drying up and looking “cakey”. After a couple of hours with makeup your foundation can begin to dry out, especially if you have naturally dry skin. It can be helpful to carry around a travel sized setting spray, so when your face does start to dry out, you can give it a spritz, and get that “freshly applied” makeup look again.

Spotlight Product of the Month

Beauty Distribution. (2018). CAILYN. BB AQUA GLIDE MOISTURIZING FOUNDATION [ONLINE]. Available at:  http://www.beautydistributionmd.com/product/bb-aqua-glidecream/ [Accessed 6 January 2019].
Beauty Distribution. (2018). CAILYN. BB AQUA GLIDE MOISTURIZING FOUNDATION [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.beautydistributionmd.com/product/bb-aqua-glidecream/ [Accessed 6 January 2019].

Our wonderful product of the month is Cailyn’s BB and CC Cream!!!

These are such amazing products and great alternatives for foundation. It not only evens out the skin but covers the unwanted blemishes as well.

Cailyn BB cream: This BB cream gives you the coverage you need while providing SPF and antioxidants.

Cailyn CC cream: This product is made to colour correct your skin. This not only helps even out skin tones and cover redness but is very fluffy and light feeling on the skin.

Customer Question of the Month:

What can I do to get rid of the redness on my face?

It is not uncommon among people, to have a natural reddish undertone, or to simply have blemishes that need covering. Unfortunately, sometimes foundation and concealer is not enough, and we see the redness shining through. This is why if you have 24-hour redness on the face, get a green colour corrector! You heard me right, green and red cancel each other out! Lightly put a green colour corrector over the red areas, then use a beauty blender to buff it into the skin. After the corrector is buffed in, you can then apply foundation. This will keep the redness at bay and will completely stop it from peaking out of the foundation.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. With it getting darker sooner and not to mention for longer, it feels as if the sun will never come out. Many people look at what appears as endless days of dim and cold, and feel a sense of sadness and dread. But, believe it or not, the effects of these cold winter days are not always so negative. Tis the season to get semi-permanent brows done. You heard me right, this season is in fact the best time to get your microblading done, and in this December blog we will tell you exactly why. For those who aren’t ready to commit to a semi-permanent brow just yet, have no worries. We will also be discussing all the amazing brow services and makeup products we have in store, to ensure no brow lover gets left out. So, for all those who have been longing for better brows, but still are on the fence about what to do with them, we truly hope this month’s blog will help:

Why Is Now The Time For Semi-Permanent Brows?? 


For those who have been waiting for the relief that comes with always having perfect brows. For those who are in need of those extra ten minutes of sleep you could be having instead of spending time filling in your brows, and for those, after long months of thinking, are ready for the semi-permanent brow. We are happy to say, this is your time!!!

What some people don’t realize is that now is the perfect time to get one of the semi-permanent brow services. When doing this service, pigment is meticulously placed under a layer of skin in the client’s brow area. Like with any makeup product sweat can gradually cause it to fade. In seasons such as summer, when there is no cloud in the sky and the sun is out and bright, we tend to sweat a lot!!!

So, those who get their semi- permanent brows done in the colder seasons tend to have longer lasting brows.

Other Brow Services  

We completely understand if some of our clients are not quite ready to commit to a semi-permanent brow service as it is quite hard to place your trust so willingly into another person’s hands. Good news!!!

We have other amazing brow options for you as well, because everyone deserves their dream brows!!!!!
We have various other services in store. Such as the brow correction, brow tinting, and brow henna. All of these services can be customized to fit the needs of all our clientele. From those just looking for a brow shaping (Brow Correction no tinting), to those who want the look of filled in brows (Brow Henna), you are guaranteed to get what you are

looking for.

brow shaping

The More the Merrier!!  

Wait! You didn’t think we only had in store services to help your brows did you?? Oh nooooooooo! We also have products you can purchase as well!! Our Brow Fixx and Brow Mascara not only tames unruly brow hairs but comes in various colours to suit all our client’s brows. With a simple light sweep over the brows with the brow wand, your brows will have a fuller cleaner look.

Brow Fixx

Spotlight Product of the Month

This month’s product is the fantastic Eyenvy Brow Pencil!

Its precise tip allows its users to fill in and shape their brows with precision. Not only does it give you the professional filled in brow look but it also stimulates circulation back into your brows causing hair growth!! For those who are longing for an easy to use effective brow product that will give you your desired brow look, then this is the product for you!

Beauty Distribution. (2018). EYENVY. BROWENVY PENCIL [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.beautydistributionmd.com/product/browenvy-the-finest-tip-for-the-fullest-brows/ [Accessed 15 December 2018].

Customer Question of the Month:

What is a must need before booking a semi- permanent brow appointment?

It is pivotal that you book a brow consultation before every semi-permanent appointment. During your brow consultation, your stylist will measure your face. With the measurements and the information obtained, your stylist will draw on a brow using makeup. After waiting for a day with the brows your stylist created, (if you like them) you can book your semi-permanent brow appointment. This is so important because it allows you to see what your brows will look like before you actually book your real brow appointment. This will ensure that you will have the brows and the look that you really want.

Happy Holidays to all our lovely clientele and thank you for tuning in to this month’s blog! We hope you found all the information helpful, who knows maybe we will see some of you coming in to get your brows done!

Here at Pretty Little SecretsTM this December brings amazing new services and incredible giveaways!!!

Russian Volume

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Holiday Giveaway

Bath and Body Works, (2018), Spiced Gingerbread Swirl [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.instagram.com/p/BprqSt7jgrC/ [Accessed 18 November 2018].

As a THANK YOU to all our clients we have a fantastic GIVEAWAY for the month of December! Pretty Little SecretsTM will be pairing with Bath and Body Works and giving away FULL SIZE products to each client per visit!!! (Available while quantities last).

PLS’ Gift Card

The giveaways that keep on giving. We have an amazing volume package membership service in which clients can purchase 1, 2 or 3 months.  The membership package means lash addicts can come in as many times as they want for their lash touch ups!  During the month of December with purchase of the membership package, clients will receive a $50 gift card to Pretty Little SecretsTM! (Gift cards can be redeemed after Jan 1, 2019).

  BOO!!!!! Exciting things are just around the corner and soon we will be anything we want to be. From a goblin to princess, Halloween is so beloved because for one day of the year we can let our imagination completely fly. For some, it is a time to get the creative juices flowing, to create the most amazing costumes. Others choose that day to try new looks that they would never have had the courage to try before.

  Once we have our idea, it can be hard to put our vision into reality. Not only do we not want to break the bank, but we also may not have the makeup prowess to transform our faces into the look we want. After all the hard work we put into our look, it is also imperative that this makeup lasts us all night. So, for this blog will be covering all bases by discussing all the need to knows about how to make a fabulous, affordable, Halloween look.

Supplies You Can Get Without Breaking The Bank

Liquid lip for eyeshadow:

Not everyone wears eyeshadow and by no means do we need to go out shopping for something we are only going to use once a year. So, if you are looking for a dramatic colorful eye look, using your liquid lipstick works. Apply lightly and buff it out with the lipstick wand.

Tape to help with the sharp edges:

If you don’t usually do dramatic looks, but your Halloween look calls for a sharp eyeliner or eyeshadow, you should place a strip of tape at the corner of your eye, at the angle you want the wing to go. After the tape is placed, draw your eyeliner line or apply your eyeshadow. When the tape is gently removed, your eyeliner or eyeshadow should have an automatic dramatic sharp edge.

Tips and Tricks:

Tips For The Longest Lasting Face Makeup

We put so much effort into our Halloween look and it may have taken hours to finally get the makeup to look the way you want it. It is essential that our makeup lasts us through our Halloween festivities. There are two must have products that will ensure long lasting makeup wear.


Primer helps makeup last longer by providing a protective layer between your face and the makeup you are applying. This also provides a smoother and nicer looking application. The Atomy Healthy Glow Base talked about in previous blogs, is a multipurpose primer, that not only provides that magnificent protective layer but also contains SPF30, brightening, and wrinkle care. If you are hoping that the makeup will last you all night, primer is a must.

Setting Powder:

While primer is one of the first things you would apply in your makeup routine, setting powder is one of the last. Setting powder is pivotal in a routine if you want your makeup to last as long as possible. CAILYN’s HD Finishing Powder locks the makeup in as well as eliminating shine and controlling oil, giving you the ideal matte finish. This revolutionary powder comes in three different shades, Misty Green, Blush Pink, and Banana Yellow. All of these shades are designed especially to match your skin undertones.

CAILYN, (2014), HD FINISHING POWDER [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.cailyncosmetics.com/hd-finishing-powder [Accessed 13 October 2018].

Customer Question of the Month:

What makeup mistakes can I avoid?

When it comes to makeup, it is quite easy to make mistakes, especially when first starting out. Through trail and error, we eventually find the techniques and the products that work for us. But there is one mistake that is easily corrected and can make a world of difference. That is finding the right coloured foundation. The best way to really know that you are buying the right foundation shade, is through swatching, it is often where you choose to swatch that can tip you off kilter. Swatching on the hand or  neck isn’t going to give you an accurate shade, because both receive different exposures to the sun. The best place to swatch is the bottom of your cheeks towards the jawline. This will give the best shade for your face and neck, as both of them need to be covered.

Spotlight Product of the Month

Beauty Distribution. (2018). FACE IT. EYE LOVE IT [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.beautydistributionmd.com/product/eye-love-it/ [Accessed 11 November 2018].

After all the makeup, worn for hours throughout the day, it is important that we take it all off! Of course, after a day full of tricks and treats, you could be very tired, and some makeup removing routines can be quite lengthy. So, for this October’s product of the month we want to talk about Face It by Cloth in a Box. This amazing facecloth, is gentle on all skin types, and not only removes makeup effortlessly but exfoliates, cleanses, and lightly massages the skin. Skip the endless removal routine and purchase this reusable spa treatment in a box.

 No matter how much we wish for the summer days to never end, it seems that September has once again snuck up on us. The seemingly endless free time we once had is now almost gone, and we can no longer afford to spend time so frivolously. If we really reflect on all the things we do in our day to day lives, it isn’t hard to find the almost trivial things that take up our time. What seems to be an almost 100 step skin cleansing routine, along with the time and effort it takes to perfectly apply our makeup, takes hours of time we no longer have. Not to mention the unavoidable clutter that swarms our washroom. Every cupboard is filled, every countertop is covered with the numerous products we collect over time. If only we could reduce our product stash, by having single products that have numerous purposes and above all are effective.

What if we told you that these products do exist. That there are products and services out there that can give you everything you need to obtain your desired look, in half the time and with half the number of products. It almost sounds too good to be true. Therefore, for this September blog, we want to discuss products and services that are low maintenance and quick, so we no longer need to waste time, and can instead spend it doing the things that we love.

Lash Lift:

Having a curl to our lashes completely opens and brightens our eyes, which can be beneficial when we are running low on sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone has a natural curl to their lash, and as a result, eyelash curlers are used. Not only are lash curlers bad for your lashes, they also take a ridiculous amount of time to use. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you, The lash lift!

This is a temporary curl for your natural lash. Your stylist places your lashes over a curved silicon pad and puts two solutions on them each for 18 minutes. The first solution opens the follicles in the lash and the second solution closes the follicles in the curved position. This treatment comes with a complementary lash tint. So, you get the desired mascara look, without the tiresome application. This lasts up to 6- 8 weeks and unlike the lash extensions, requires absolutely no maintenance! Saving you all the time it takes to use the pesky lash curler.

Tips and Tricks:

What Can Be Eliminated From My Daily Routine?

It is vital that we take care of our skin, because it is in fact the biggest organ in our body. But, you only need to be doing it once a day. Most people go through their multiple step face routine in the morning and again at night. Whilst doing it nightly is important, it isn’t necessary to do in the morning. Washing your face too much can strip it of its natural oils. If you have naturally oily skin and washing your face twice a day is a must, only use toner in the mornings. Toner not only shrinks the pours on the face, but it provides your skin with a deep cleanse, cleaning up any makeup or dirt that was left behind from the night before. Pretty Little SecretsTM, has Atomy’s Aqua 3 Set in stock. This set includes a toner, serum, and cream.

Atomy’s Toner immediately hydrates, and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and clean. The serum provides a moisture barrier that prevents the skin from dehydration. The cream stops further moisture loss.

Customer Question of the Month:

How do I avoid my makeup from looking heavy and “cakey”?

That cakey bumpy look is caused by pores on your face. To get rid of pores, you need to keep your face moisturized, so they close and prevent dirt from getting into them. As a result, when you do apply makeup it will give you that natural, air brushed look. Moisturize your face every morning. This is especially beneficial for those with naturally dry skin as it will provide it with the moisture it is initially lacking.

Spotlight Product of the Month

This brilliant product has many purposes and will reduce your numerous step routine drastically! Introducing The Atomy Healthy Glow Base. This product provides wrinkle care, evens skin tones, and provides protection from UV rays. It keeps makeup long lasting by controlling the sweat and sebum. So, now you can ditch the multitude of products you used before.

Time saving and effective, this product is a game changer and something you will definitely need. With a beautiful rose scent, you will go through the day feeling light and refreshed.

Atomy, (2018), Atomy Healthy Glow Base [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.atomy.com/my/Home/Product/ProductView?GdsCode=M00266 [Accessed 23 September 2018].

 A Must Need for Back to School

  The month of August tends to bring bittersweet feelings. It’s still sunny and warm, but in the back of your mind you know school is starting to creep up. Back to school commercials fill the TV screens, and you must prepare yourself for the inevitable back to school shopping trip. There is no need to fear because Pretty Little SecretsTM has the perfect must needs, to begin your school year with a glamorous start.

  We all know that it is a constant rush to get ready for school in the morning. Having to hurry to get breakfast, picking the perfect school outfit, and maybe finishing some last-minute homework *wink wink*. The last thing we want to worry about is having to apply mascara. Never an easy thing to do, when sleep deprived and in a rush, it always ends up on our eyelids or nose, resulting in us wasting more time trying to remove it without ruining the rest of our makeup masterpiece. How some must long for something, anything that can give them the long lashes they want, without all the effort. Good news!!! There is such an invention and it is within arm’s length. Pretty Little SecretsTM can provide you with various forms of lash extensions. From natural, to glamorous and anything in between, we can provide you with your very own customized lash style, without the use of pesky mascara.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. To ensure that your lash extensions last as long as possible, avoid any oil-based product around the eyes. This includes liquid eyeliners, face wash, and makeup removers. The oils in these products can break down the adhesive holding the extension to the natural lash, causing quicker extension fall out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to clean your extensions! Many people fear that putting water around your eyes will cause the extension to come off sooner, but that is not the case!! If you avoid washing your eyes while you have extensions makeup residue and the natural eye discharge will start to collect and can cause eye infections. Just make sure to be cautious when drying the lashes. Instead of rubbing, gently pat the eye area.
  3. If you have naturally oily skin, apply eyeshadow primer to the eyelids. The primer will soak up all the oil preventing it from getting to the adhesive.
  4. If you have noticed your extensions getting a little tangled use the small brush, provided by your stylist to lightly comb them out. For those with volume extensions, because the extension fans are handmade, they will close up when wet. So, after getting them wet just brush through the lashes with the brush, and the fans will open up again.

Customer Question of the Month:

I have had reactions to extensions in the past, is there another option for me?

People’s allergic reactions stem from the cyanoacrylate present in the adhesive used.  You can develop this reaction to the adhesive after your first lash application or after years of use. We offer an alternative adhesive that contains no cyanoacrylate, for those who have sensitivity to the extension glue!

Spotlight Product of the Month

The revolutionary Lip Glow from ATOMY! Although school is on the horizon, we are still trekking through the sizzling summer days. The product everyone has in their carry on is sunscreen, but we often don’t think about our lips getting affected by the sun, when it’s one of the first things to burn. ATOMY’s Lip Glow, provides you with UV ray protection, a rosy tint to your lips, and keeps your lips moisturized. So, wait no longer come into the shop and pamper your lips by getting Lip Glow!!

Atomy, (2018), Atomy Lip Glow [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.atomy.com/my/Home/Product/ProductView?GdsCode=M00400 [Accessed 15 August 2018].

SPC Partnership:

  We understand that student life can be tiring on you emotionally, mentally, and financially for those going into post- secondary education. That’s why Pretty Little SecretsTM has a partnership with SPC. All you need to do is bring in the SPC card and your student ID and you will receive 20% off any lash service and $5 off any brow service. So, come on in and get your desired lash and brow look at a reasonable price.

Student Price Card, (2018), SPC Logo [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.spccard.ca/landing [Accessed 15 August 2018].

Customer Question of the month:

What should you do to maintain ageing brows?

Naturally when we get older, our eyebrow hairs get weaker and have a tendency to fall out. To prevent this from happening, I suggest you apply non-scented Vaseline on your eyebrows every night with a Q- tip. You need to make sure you have moisturized the skin around the brow because if you don’t the follicles could dry out and cause the hairs to fall out. The Vaseline creates a synthetic barrier preventing this from happening.

Spotlight Product of the month:

The fabulous Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioner from EyEnvy! Now, although Vaseline can help with the prevention of hair fall out, if you are looking for hair growth, this is the product to use. This hydrating formula uses a combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides to create your dream brows and lash looks. You simply apply the product once every morning on the brow and on the lash line of your eyes. After 4 to 6 weeks you should start to see new hair growing. So, for those of you who are wanting longer and thicker brow and lash hairs, this product is a must!

Available At Pretty Little Secrets

Eyenvy, (2018), EyEnvy Conditioner [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.eyenvy.ca/eyenvy-conditioner.html [Accessed 28 June 2018]