Brow Lamination Consent Form

    I Understand The Following:

    • I understand Brow Lamination, Brow correction is a process of reconstructing the brows hairs to keep them in a desired shape but it is my own responsibility to brush them daily to achieve the desired look on a daily basis.

    • I understand that the brows after Brow Lamination must stay dry for 48hours.
    • I understand experiencing some redness of the skin or mild sensitivity is normal, but does not typically last more than a few hours.

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    • During the treatment, despite all the precautionary measures made by the technician, injury is possible. I will not hold the technician or Pretty Little Secrets, performing this service on me responsible in any issues that may arise as a result of having the Brow Lamination procedure performed on me.

    • Despite the application of the most advanced and top ingredients, an allergic reaction is possible.

    • It is my responsibility to advise the technician of any concerns I may have before the Brow Lamination procedure. Even though I may have written it down on this form.

    • The minimum or maximum duration of the Brow Lamination cannot be determined with certainty.

    • The technician and Pretty Little Secrets, performing the Brow Lamination will not be held liable for and damages caused to me or my eyebrows by any reason, including allergic reaction, to previous procedures such as previous henna/tint on the brow hair, skin sensitivity, and failure to follow the Brow Lamination after care instructions.

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    • Psoriasis/severe Eczema
    • Recent Eye Surgery
    • Alopecia
    • Recent Microblading ( must be healed over 8 weeks)
    • Sunburn
    • Super Sensitive Skin
    • Blood Thinners
    • Pink Eye
    • Scar Tissue in the Treatment Area
    • Pregnant/Breastfeeding
    • Retinol, Accuatne, AHA, BHA, etc
    • Current or Recent Chemotherapy Treatments (Doctors approval required in either case)

    *Initials Below

    First and Last Name of Parent/Guardian if client is under the age of 16:

    *Signature & Date Below

    By signing below, I consent to photos taken before and after treatment and may be used on social media, however client privacy is important to us and any photo used will be cropped appropriately if required.

    *Signature & Date Below

    • First 24 hours: NO hot water, Steam, shampoos, makeup or skincare products on top or close to the Brow Lamination area.

    • First 48 hours: Do NOT use makeup remover or oils on top or close to the Brow Lamination area. Comb/brush your brow hairs into place as needed.

    • If redness or irritation worsens over the course of 24hours please contact your doctor about potential reaction to the product, then contact Pretty Little Secrets to make us aware.

    • Do not have any type of permanent makeup or semi-permanent makeup done while your hair is still lifted, as your artist must be able to see the natural direction of the hair.

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    Booking and Cancellation Policy

    To confirm your appointment a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your booking. Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel your appointment less than [24 hours] before it is scheduled to take place, your deposit will be forfeited. To avoid forfeiting your deposit, please provide cancellation notice at least [24 hours] prior to your appointment.