Welcome to Pretty Little Secrets

Our lash and brow boutique aims to utilize and enhance your natural beauty. From subtle to glamorous changes, we create and design lashes and brows perfectly suited to fit each of your many tastes. Every handmade lash fan and studied hand movement, is perfected through years of training and experience. All of this ensures you get the perfect brows and lashes every time.


Imagine loving how you look when you’ve just woken up, before spending time on hair and make-up. That’s how you’ll feel with lash extensions and well-shaped brows—nothing but a natural, beautiful YOU.

We believe that lashes and brows go hand in hand: lashes accentuate the eyes’ beauty and size, while the proper brow shape provides the perfect frame. We’re experts in the art of eyelash extensions and the design and reconstruction of brows.

We want our clients to feel liberated, confident, and beautiful all the time. We love when our clients—men and women—light up when they see their lash extensions or restructured brows for the first time.

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