Our Team Of Adept, Interactive, And Professional Stylist Are Here To Make Your Experience At Pretty Little Secrets TM As Memorable As Possible.

Highly Skilled And Ready For Any Style You Throw At Them, The Pretty Little Secrets Team Is Here To Make Your Lash And Brow Dreams Come True. 


Licensed Esthetician   |  10X Certified Master Lash And Brow Expert

Beginning her career in early 2000, Dianne has mastered the art of brow correcting and lash enhancement techniques. Being skilled in numerous lash forms she can produce any lash or brow look desired by her clients. Entering this career because of its high demand, Dianne soon realized that what kept her invested was the joy she was able to give to thousands of people by reshaping poorly shaped brows or designing the perfect lash look. This is why she has started to create her own hypo-allergenic, parabon free brow taming kit for men and women. Understanding that there are currently no easy to-use brow products on the market, Dianne wants to provide brow lovers with products that will smooth out those unruly hairs, while leaving a soft natural brow tint for a more polished look. “I aim to create high end, brow products that can be used by everyone, not only beauty enthusiasts, no matter their sensitivity or desired brow look. A variety of products will be introduced to accommodate everyone’s brow technique and preference, when it comes to their ideal brow design.”



Certified Lash Lift and Beauty Expert

Julie is a lash technician and beauty expert at Pretty Little SecretsTM. She believes that being able to apply makeup has no age. “ I love everything beauty and my favorite service is the lash lift because it enhances your natural lashes while still helping you look glamorous and like a youthful version of yourself”. Her go to beauty product is bold eyeshadows. “This is the staple piece in my makeup routine because I can play with a range of styles, like a dramatic eye look, or a soft natural eye, depending on the person’s desired look.”



Certified Lash and Hair Expert

Beginning her career as a hairstylist, Elsie decided to expand her expertise, by moving into the lash and brow world. Her wonderful artistic abilities allow her to customize amazing looks for each client. “My goal is to make my clients fall in love with the beautiful features they already have” Always open to new techniques, Elsie aims to provide her clients with the best, most up-to-date lash applications.



Certified Lash Expert

Being in the beauty industry for 5 years, Jenna loves the beautiful transformation a simple service can give. Whether it be a subtle lash lift, or enhancing the eye area with extensions, Jenna not only enjoys the application process but the happiness each service brings to clients. “ I have always been in the beauty industry and what fuels my love for it, is its ability to help so many people in a positive way”.



Certified Lash and Brow Expert

Liza is an eyelash extension professional specializing in Volume and Russian volume extensions. She was trained and certified in Ukraine and worked for the leading beauty salon. “My favorite moment is the excited look on my clients’ face after the extension is done”. “I love making people happy and pretty”.



Licensed Semi-permanent Brow Makeup Artist and Lash Expert

Jamie is a certified semi permanent makeup artist specializing in brows, lashline, and hairline tattoos. Her growing interest in the beauty industry, motivated her to follow her passion. Always learning, she no longer just does semi- permanent makeup, she does lash lifts and extensions as well.



Licensed Semi-permanent Brow Makeup Artist

Rachel has always been artistic and hands-on with great interest in the beauty industry. Having worked in the beauty industry for over 7 years, she decided to follow her true passion for eyebrow shaping which led  to the world of semi permanent cosmetics.
She holds several certifications in Canada and in South Korea.



Personal Assistant and Customer Care

Molly is Pretty Little Secrets’ receptionist. Always smiling, she is the first face you see when entering the shop and the last one you see when leaving. Apart from answering the phone, making bookings and cashing people out, she helps make sure everything in the store is running efficiently. “My favorite part of the job is getting to talk to the customers, I really enjoy getting to know people and now I am lucky enough to have a job where I can do just that.”



Creative Web Manager and Graphic Designer

One of the newer members of the PLS team. Victoria works to keep the website up and functioning smoothly. Since an early age of five, Victoria has shown an interest and love for computers. This passion has lead her to completing multiple computer courses and workshops. “What I love the most about computers is their varying capabilities. One day I will be posting a blog and the next I’m creating an animation. It’s amazing what a computer can do”.



Social Media Coordinator

Jasmine is Pretty Little SecretsTM social media coordinator. Taking into consideration the style, relatability, and the overall vibe of our studio, she can accurately portray our brand to our followers. “You want to make sure that what you are posting is interesting and eye-catching, so that your viewers genuinely look forward to seeing what you put out next”. Using her natural creativity, Jasmine is able produce content that is both fun and informative.



Debit Disclaimer: Our system accepts interact tap only up to $100.