We Provide Lash Enhancement Services Such As; Extensions, Lifts, And Tints. These Services Are Administered In A Safe And Efficient Way To Ensure No Damage Is Done To Your Natural Lash. Styles Can Range From A Subtle Lash Look To A Full Glam Set. Whichever Preference You Have We Make Sure Everything Is Done With Care And You End Up With Your Favored Lash Style.


Good News! Those Who Love The Look Of Lash Extensions But Have Sensitivity To The Adhesive Used, No Longer Need To Worry, We Are The Only Studio That Provides You With A Hypoallergenic Adhesive.

Lash Extensions And Touch-Ups

Lash extensions replace the look of mascara, not strip lashes.

Please come with a fresh face:

  • – No mascara the day of your appointment
  • – No eyeliner the day of your appointment
  • – Little if no make-up is best before your appointment

For more information about the lash extension experience, visit our FAQs page

The Natural Look (50 lashes per eye)


Prices and duration of appointments may be subject to change at anytime.

These sets do not include weekly touch ups and are for lashes with no extensions on.

Just A Little (Approx 20LPE-Add additional lashes to this set $1.75 each) $30| 20min

The Natural Look (Partial set-Add additional lashes to this set $1.75 each) $96 | 45 min

Full Sets:

Classic Lashes (Get the look of 2-4 coats of mascara) $152 | 85 min

Mix Classic Volume-Hybrid (Mix of classic & volume for those sparse lashes) $176 90 min

Natural Volume (Super light weight lashes gives a 2D-3D look) $210.62 | 120 min

Glam Volume ( 3D-4D lashes for a more wow factor) $260 | 140 min

Russian Volume (5D-6D lashes for ultimate fullness) $310 | 200 min

Lash removal $23.89 | 30 min

Volume Lash Addict Membership

Unlimited bookings for your volume lash touch-ups.
Valid for all volume sets including hypo. (Note: Must be booked with same stylist for the duration of your membership)

One month $350 | 30+ min sessions

Two months $435 | 30+ min sessions

Three months $660 | 30+ min sessions



One Week $36 | 25 min
Two Weeks $47 | 35 min
Three Weeks $58 | 40 min
Four Weeks $69 | 50 min


One Week $47 | 40 min
Two Weeks $58 | 50 min
Three Weeks $67 | 60 min
Four Weeks $82 | 80 min


One Week $62 | 50 min
Two Weeks $80 | 60 min
Three Weeks $112 | 70 min
Four Weeks $132 | 90 min

It’s a LASH EXTENSIONS miracle! Hypoallergenic adhesive is here, and we’ve got you covered!

Here’s the answer for anyone who’s ever had an allergy or sensitivity to lash extensions.

Allergic reactions to eyelash extensions are caused by an allergy to the cyanoacrylate present in the extensions.  As with any chemical or substance, individuals can become allergic at any time to cyanoacrylate- after the first application, or after years of application. We have found the answer for lash lovers that avoided eyelashes due to sensitivity or reactions to the extension glue: an adhesive that contains zero cyanoacrylates! This amazing adhesive is 100% safe for all skin types, specially formulated and waterproof to bond the lashes securely and comfortably for up to 3 weeks. Ingredients: Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate, Nitrocellulose, SD Alcohol 40-B, Iron Oxide. Finally all lash extension prayers have been answered! Book your test patch under lash consultation today.


Full Set Hypoallergenic Lashes $220| 150 min


One Week $112
Two Weeks $134
Three Weeks $145
Four Weeks $160 

Note: The hypo allergenic adhesive requires little to no heavy splashing or steam during the duration of wear.  It is recommended in order to maintain the look that clients come in every 1-2 weeks for their touch up’s.

Full Mixed Classic (hybrid)

Studio Policy: For new clients with existing lashes from elsewhere. Unfortunately we do not feel comfortable refilling on your current lash application. For liability purposes and because the techniques, experience and products used are unknown from the previous place.

We recommend when booking an appointment with us, to book a lash consultation. Our reputation is important to us. Our lash sets are customized based on your eye shape, desired look and the health of your natural lashes. We carry only the best products to ensure the safety of our clients:  our adhesive is medical graded and contains 0% formaldehyde, and we use only individual SILK lash & brow extensions.

We ask that when booking any lash extention fill, you have at least 30% of your extensions left.

We will allow a 15 minute grace period for late arrivals, however, we cannot guarantee we can accommodate the service you booked as we must extend the same courtesy for all our clients to be on time. Should you cancel after our 12 hour cancellation policy you are required to put a 50% deposit for future appointments.

Book at least a week ahead of time, either online or by calling in, to ensure you get an appointment booked at your desired time and date.

Full Classic
Full Russian Volume
Full Russian Volume
Eyebrow shaping

Not your ordinary brow wax

A WAX, that’s not a WAX:

We provide brow correctional services such as: Shaping, Tinting, and Henna. We use high grade Canadian based products to ensure that your brows and the skin around your brows are well taken care of. By using soy- based surgical wax, any irritation is prevented. So, Those With Sensitive Skin Will Not Experience The Pain Or Swelling Common With Other Waxes.

Nufree is a natural, self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial, anhydrous botanical formula. It contains no wax, no sugar and no honey. Nufree never dries and doesn’t stick to the skin, so it never PULLS or cause painful irritation.

Nufree 4 Men; A non-wax formulated to causes no redness, swelling, or discomfort to men’s thick, stubborn hairs.


Brow Correction (Wax fuzzies, tweeze the shape, correct brow lines, and brow tinting) *Add a dash of henna to your tint to preserve your brow colour- last up to 15 days

cost $11  $32.65 | 30 min

Brow Correction (minus the tinting) $27 | 20 min

Men’s Brow Grooming (Wax & sculpt to perfection) $27 | 20 min

Eyebrow Tinting (Darken your natural eyebrow hairs, last up to 14 days)

*Add a dash of henna to your tint to preserve your brow colour- cost $11  $25 | 30 min

Eyebrow Henna (Get the polish look of full eyebrows, last up to 20 days) $30 | 30 min

Full Brow Extensions $110.15 | 95 min

Partial Brow Extensions $96.72 | 60 min

Brow Correction With Tinting
Brow Correction Without Tinting
Brow Correction With Tinting

Enhance Your Features

Get Glammed Up!

Along with every makeup application at Pretty Little Secrets you will, upon booking your appointment, receive a complimentary makeup trail by our team of widely skilled makeup artists. This ensures that you are receiving the look you crave!


Note:  The makeup application must be booked and paid in full before coming in for the makeup trial.

Makeup application for Georgina and Jonathan’s wedding
Makeup application for Georgina and Jonathan’s wedding



Day Make-Up: Day make-up will provide you with an everyday look. Includes, a neutral eyeshadow and light foundation. We will customize the look to fit your makeup preferences. $65 | 35 min

Soft Glam: If you are going to a fancy dinner, or just want a step up from your everyday makeup, then soft glam is the look for you! This includes personalized eyeshadow, light contour and a medium to full coverage foundation. $75 | 45 min

Full Glam: A special event, a wedding or a prom! Whatever you are going to, this full glam look is guaranteed to make you the most dazzling person in the room. This includes customized eyeshadow, contour, full coverage foundation and a bonus free lash application. $90 | 75 min

Lash Application: With the lash application your makeup artist will apply either a strip or flash lash on your eyes. The strip lash is applied along the lash line and the flash lashes are individual lashes placed on your lash line and your natural lashes, to fill in any sparse areas. Both these lash applications are made to make your lashes appear fuller and longer. $25 | 20 min


Full Face Makeup Class: A seminar that teaches you how to properly apply a full face of makeup, to best compliment your natural

features. $75 | 95 min

Single Feature Face Class: A session with your makeup artist where you are taught how to properly apply makeup to a certain individual feature on your face. $45 | 65 min


Dry Styling

Planet Love

Our Hair Guru!

With every new Pretty Little Secrets family member, comes new skills and talents they can bring to the store. Before Elsie entered the lash and brow world, she was a talented hair stylist. As we are always looking to expand our expertise, we insisted Elsie utilize her talents and share them with all of our beautiful clients. This is why we will be starting the dry styling service. With this we will provide many different styling options that suit all occasions.

Why Dry Styling?

When getting your hair done it is almost always for an important event or occasion, so it is important that each client look their best, and to do so you need a styling technique that will ensure that.

Any kind of event or celebration you are getting your hair done for is probably lengthy, and having your styled hair last throughout the event is a must. Right after you hair is shampooed and conditioned, it becomes very silky, and in any other occasion this would be ideal, but silky hair does not retain a curl or hold as well in an up do. When dry styling, your hair will hold it’s style longer.  Not only does dry styling benefit the style retention, but the hair itself.

Continuously washing your hair can strip it of it’s natural oils, causing hair to break easier.  This is why it is important to train your hair to go longer periods of time without washing, so your natural oils have time to produce, therefore strengthening the hair.

Lastly, the reason why dry styling should be your styling of choice is because, it is inevitably better for the environment! Since, there is no use of water it helps save energy!



Dry Styling: Depending on the desired look, this service includes curling or straightening the hair. All variety of curls including: beachy, old Hollywood, uniform curls, etc… $54 | 45 min


*Braids (add on) or alone: If you are looking to spice up your dry styling look or are just in the mood for braided hair look, this service can be used as an add on or an individual service. Includes all forms of braids: boxer, fish, french, etc…


Box Braid Look: This service is for all braid lovers! With an application of 2 braids max, you can choose from a world of braid types $34 | 30 min


Fancy Styles: Have a special event coming up and are in need of a great hair style? This is the service for you! This includes elaborate hair designs to suit you and your event. All necessary hot tools needed to achieve your desired look will be included. Whether it is a soft half up do, or an intricate one, we have you covered! $84 | 1.5 hrs

Elsies hair styling
Other Services

Other treatments

Henna Spa Treatment

Staining henna gives you the opportunity to have expressive eyebrows and camouflages gaps in over-plucked eyebrows or sparse brow hair. Spa care allows us to achieve the maximum result of staining, prolonging the effects of the procedure, as well as strengthening and taking care of hair and skin.

$52 | 60min

Lash Lift (Semi-Permanent perm of your natural lashes, last up to 8 weeks. Includes complimentary lash tinting or lash nourishing treatment)

$74.25 | 60 min



Before and after lash lift with lash tinting