One Of Our Many Services Is Microblading.

When First Walking In You Are Met With A Team Of Skilled Experts Ready To Provide You With A Set Of Symmetrical Brows That Best Suit Your Facial Structure.

Using A Precise Hand Method Technique From South Korea, Realistic Hairs Are Created To Form Your Desired Brow Shape.


Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup



Microblading utilizes manual brow embroidery techniques from South Korea in order to create soft, brow symmetry not just in the eye area, but in the whole face. This technique varies so as to achieve an appearance that both suits the client’s features and their desired look. We always consider the direction of the eyebrows natural growth and a client’s skin tone. Everything is done by hand by using very fine needles along with small deposits of pigment. All our products are USA made to ensure this cosmetic procedure meets all Ontario health and safety guidelines. We aim to enhance your natural beauty and give you confidence back into your brows.

What is Microblading? 

Microblading is a hand method procedure where a small group of needles in a blade like shape are used to create strokes. This method allows for the most finest details and precision when mimicking actual brow hairs.


Need to know more?:  

Microblading involves using a blade-like hand tool to create shallow cuts on the skin and then letting pigment seep in. Microblading will last you anywhere between 4-12 months depending on your skin’s pigment retention. The touch up is required in order to restore pigment loss during the first pass.


What are Ombre Powder Brows? 

Ombre Powder effect is a technique during which a needle is used to shade in the eyebrows in order to achieve the powdered makeup look. The eyebrows are lighter at the front and gradually become darker towards the tail.  


Need to know more?:   

Ombre Is a permanent powdered brow technique for clients that want a soft, but fuller look than simply hairstrokes. This technique looks like daily makeup done with an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade. Ombre will last you anywhere between a year to a year and a half depending on your skin’s pigment retention. This is for you if you want a water and smudge proof, filled in brow that still looks natural. This Ombre technique (depending on the preferred result) is done with either a digital machine created for brows, or pigment manually inserted under the top layer with a needled hand tool in a gentle stippling motion.   


What is Combination brows? 

Combination uses Microblading & Shading or machine shading to create more filled in eyebrows while still maintaining a natural look.  


Need to know more?:  

Combination brows is a technique that uses the stroking method of Microblading to create “little hairs”, with the shading technique of Ombre, which results in a denser brow. This look appears still very natural but more define. Unlike the other services, this technique does not always require a perfection touch-up. Combination will last you anywhere between a year and a half to two years depending on your skin’s pigment retention.  


Who is the perfect candidate?:  

Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup is for anyone looking for a fuller, shaped eyebrow. Regardless of the amount of hair present. This cosmetic procedure is perfect for you if you’re looking for a full reconstruction of poorly shaped brows. Those looking for more definition in their brows, or anyone who has gaps, and/or sparse areas they’d like to have covered.  Those suffering from Trigonometrical, Alopecia or any other health conditions that cause significant hair loss are great candidates for this procedure.

Semi- Permanent Consultations  | $38.00

With every semi-permanent procedure a consultation is required prior to the application appointment. During this consultation your semi-permanent stylist will have a conversation with you, in which you will talk about your preferred style, pigment choices, and overall preference. Once you have talked about your desired look, the artist will then measure the designated facial feature, and using standard makeup, draw a mock version of what you will be getting from the actual application. Once that is done we suggest you walk around with the makeup for a day, and if the shape and colour is to your liking, we would then book you in for the actual application.


Prices and duration of appointments may be subject to change at anytime.

After two years due to fading pigment, procedures revert back to initial pricing. 


3D-5D Microblading
1 hour and 30 minutes duration | $485.00
Last 6-8 months, includes one complimentary touch up within 4-6 weeks of procedure.
Microblading is a semi permanent makeup procedure where a small needle is used to create hair-like strokes. This method achieves the most natural looking eyebrows.


Future Touch-Ups

1-3 months $110.00

4-6 months $150.00

7-12 months $199.00

13-18 months $250.00

19-24 months $299.00



Ombre powdered effect |  $550.00
Last up to one year, includes one complimentary touch up within 4-6 weeks of procedure. Ombre powder brows is a technique where a needle is used to shade in the eyebrows to achieve the powdered eyebrow look. The eyebrows are lighter at the front and get gradually darker towards the tail.


Future Touch-Ups

1-3 months $120.00

4-6 months $170.00

7-12 months $250.00

13-18 months $299.00

19-24 months $350.00



6D-10D Combination of microblading with microshading
2 hours and 30 minutes duration | $655.00
Last up to 1-2 years, includes one complimentary touch up within 4-6 weeks of procedure. Combination brows uses Microblading & powdered shading or Microblading & machine shading to create more filled in eyebrows while still maintaining the natural look of eyebrows.


Future Touch-Ups

1-3 months $150.00

4-6 months $220.00

7-12 months $299.00

13-18 months $349.00

19-24 months $399.00


Neutralizing for those with semi-permanent brows from another previous artist $50.00 – $100.00


Our Policy

Clients with previously done semi- permanent brows from another studio are not only required to pay the full price of our semi- permanent application, but are subject to additional cost based upon your semi – permanent stylist’s suggestions . Working on already done semi-permanent brows, although possible, requires our semi-permanent artists to start the application process from scratch, as the studio previous would have used different pigments and application techniques. Doing the service from the beginning ensures that you are getting the best results from our semi-permanent services.

Clientele with previously done semi- permanent brows must come in for a consultation prior to the application process. This gives your artist the opportunity to take a look at your brows and not only determine if they are faded enough to work on, but allows them a chance to talk with you about what you would like to gain from the application.


Deposit Procedure $150

Each semi permanent makeup application requires a deposit of $150 to be paid in order to secure the appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment please note that if it is not done within a minimum of 48 hours prior to the semi-permanent application date, the deposit will be non- refundable.

After procedure

It is most important to follow the instructions given prior to the procedure to ensure proper healing post procedure.

You will receive an aftercare kit after your initial and each returning appointment.


Note: After the procedure a follow-up touch up is necessary and is booked after 4-6 weeks from the initial appointment. For the annual touch ups, returning clients are given up to 18 months. New clients must book a consultation before booking an appointment. If you have any questions concerning contraindications or aftercare feel free to contact us directly.


Other Semi-Permanent Services

Semi- Permanent Lip Tint

Price: $695.00

Are you longing to have beautifully tinted lips all the time? This revolutionary service can do just that. Choosing from a diverse set of pigments, your semi- permanent artist uses a specifically designed hand tool and meticulously places the selected pigment under the skin, giving you a subtle but transformative new lip shade. This service gives your lips a beautiful tint, leaving you with an enhanced look that lasts.


Eye Liner (Soft)

Price: $480.00

This service is perfect for clients that are looking for a subtle but effective enhancement to the eye area. Using a specifically designed hand tool, your semi-permanent artist will place a thin black line along the lash line, creating a fuller more defined look for your eyes.


Eye Liner (Winged)

Price: $595.00

This service gives clients the perfect winged liner all the time. Your semi- permanent artist places a slightly thicker line on the lash line, and then extends the line past the outer corner of the eye, giving you the ideal cat eye, while simultaneously opening up the eye.


Hair Line (Full)

Price: $975.00

This service is for clients that are looking for a semi- permanent solution for hair loss on the frontal lining of the face. Your semi- permanent artist meticulously places pigment (in which the colour is matched with your hair colour) onto the area experiencing hair loss, as a result creating a fuller looking head of hair.


Hair Line (Partial)

Price: $850.00

This service is perfect for clients experiencing partial hair loss in some areas of the frontal lining. Similar to the technique used for Hair Line Full, your semi- permanent artist places pigment in those sparse areas of the hair line.



Debit Disclaimer: Our system accepts interact tap only up to $100.