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November Holiday Announcement


Here at Pretty Little Secrets this December brings amazing new services and incredible giveaways!!!

Russian Volume

To all you lash and brow babes, this holiday season we’re spreading some Christmas cheer by having our very first holiday giveaway !!!🎁

Here’s the details on how you can be entered for a chance to win a FREE full set of Russian volume eyelash extensions with a value of ($310) 🙉!!!!!!!

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Good luck beauty lovers 😘😁

Winner will be announced on our website on Dec 20th, 2018

New Dry Styling

‘Tis the season of endless dinner parties and celebrations, and we always want to look our best for them. Amazing news, we have added a NEW dry hair styling service to our menu. Our amazing hair stylists can transform your lovely locks to anything from a soft up do, to a wonderful curled look.  With our new dry styling service you will have photo ready hair for all of your occasions this season.

Holiday Giveaway

Bath and Body Works, (2018), Spiced Gingerbread Swirl [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 18 November 2018].

As a THANK YOU to all our clients we have a fantastic GIVEAWAY for the month of December! Pretty Little Secrets will be pairing with Bath and Body Works and giving away FULL SIZE products to each client per visit!!! (Available while quantities last).

PLS’ Gift Card

The giveaways that keep on giving. We have an amazing volume package membership service in which clients can purchase 1, 2 or 3 months.  The membership package means lash addicts can come in as many times as they want for their lash touch ups!  During the month of December with purchase of the membership package, clients will receive a $50 gift card to Pretty Little Secrets! (Gift cards can be redeemed after Jan 1, 2019).


  BOO!!!!! Exciting things are just around the corner and soon we will be anything we want to be. From a goblin to princess, Halloween is so beloved because for one day of the year we can let our imagination completely fly. For some, it is a time to get the creative juices flowing, to create the most amazing costumes. Others choose that day to try new looks that they would never have had the courage to try before.

  Once we have our idea, it can be hard to put our vision into reality. Not only do we not want to break the bank, but we also may not have the makeup prowess to transform our faces into the look we want. After all the hard work we put into our look, it is also imperative that this makeup lasts us all night. So, for this blog will be covering all bases by discussing all the need to knows about how to make a fabulous, affordable, Halloween look.

Supplies You Can Get Without Breaking The Bank

Liquid lip for eyeshadow:

Not everyone wears eyeshadow and by no means do we need to go out shopping for something we are only going to use once a year. So, if you are looking for a dramatic colorful eye look, using your liquid lipstick works. Apply lightly and buff it out with the lipstick wand.


Tape to help with the sharp edges:

If you don’t usually do dramatic looks, but your Halloween look calls for a sharp eyeliner or eyeshadow, you should place a strip of tape at the corner of your eye, at the angle you want the wing to go. After the tape is placed, draw your eyeliner line or apply your eyeshadow. When the tape is gently removed, your eyeliner or eyeshadow should have an automatic dramatic sharp edge.

Tips and Tricks:

Tips For The Longest Lasting Face Makeup

We put so much effort into our Halloween look and it may have taken hours to finally get the makeup to look the way you want it. It is essential that our makeup lasts us through our Halloween festivities. There are two must have products that will ensure long lasting makeup wear.


Primer helps makeup last longer by providing a protective layer between your face and the makeup you are applying. This also provides a smoother and nicer looking application. The Atomy Healthy Glow Base talked about in previous blogs, is a multipurpose primer, that not only provides that magnificent protective layer but also contains SPF30, brightening, and wrinkle care. If you are hoping that the makeup will last you all night, primer is a must.

Setting Powder:

While primer is one of the first things you would apply in your makeup routine, setting powder is one of the last. Setting powder is pivotal in a routine if you want your makeup to last as long as possible. CAILYN’s HD Finishing Powder locks the makeup in as well as eliminating shine and controlling oil, giving you the ideal matte finish. This revolutionary powder comes in three different shades, Misty Green, Blush Pink, and Banana Yellow. All of these shades are designed especially to match your skin undertones.

CAILYN, (2014), HD FINISHING POWDER [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 13 October 2018].

Customer Question of the Month:

What makeup mistakes can I avoid?

When it comes to makeup, it is quite easy to make mistakes, especially when first starting out. Through trail and error, we eventually find the techniques and the products that work for us. But there is one mistake that is easily corrected and can make a world of difference. That is finding the right coloured foundation. The best way to really know that you are buying the right foundation shade, is through swatching, it is often where you choose to swatch that can tip you off kilter. Swatching on the hand or  neck isn’t going to give you an accurate shade, because both receive different exposures to the sun. The best place to swatch is the bottom of your cheeks towards the jawline. This will give the best shade for your face and neck, as both of them need to be covered.

Spotlight Product of the Month

Beauty Distribution. (2018). FACE IT. EYE LOVE IT [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 11 November 2018].

After all the makeup, worn for hours throughout the day, it is important that we take it all off! Of course, after a day full of tricks and treats, you could be very tired, and some makeup removing routines can be quite lengthy. So, for this October’s product of the month we want to talk about Face It by Cloth in a Box. This amazing facecloth, is gentle on all skin types, and not only removes makeup effortlessly but exfoliates, cleanses, and lightly massages the skin. Skip the endless removal routine and purchase this reusable spa treatment in a box.


 No matter how much we wish for the summer days to never end, it seems that September has once again snuck up on us. The seemingly endless free time we once had is now almost gone, and we can no longer afford to spend time so frivolously. If we really reflect on all the things we do in our day to day lives, it isn’t hard to find the almost trivial things that take up our time. What seems to be an almost 100 step skin cleansing routine, along with the time and effort it takes to perfectly apply our makeup, takes hours of time we no longer have. Not to mention the unavoidable clutter that swarms our washroom. Every cupboard is filled, every countertop is covered with the numerous products we collect over time. If only we could reduce our product stash, by having single products that have numerous purposes and above all are effective.

What if we told you that these products do exist. That there are products and services out there that can give you everything you need to obtain your desired look, in half the time and with half the number of products. It almost sounds too good to be true. Therefore, for this September blog, we want to discuss products and services that are low maintenance and quick, so we no longer need to waste time, and can instead spend it doing the things that we love.

Lash Lift:

Having a curl to our lashes completely opens and brightens our eyes, which can be beneficial when we are running low on sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone has a natural curl to their lash, and as a result, eyelash curlers are used. Not only are lash curlers bad for your lashes, they also take a ridiculous amount of time to use. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you, The lash lift!

This is a temporary curl for your natural lash. Your stylist places your lashes over a curved silicon pad and puts two solutions on them each for 18 minutes. The first solution opens the follicles in the lash and the second solution closes the follicles in the curved position. This treatment comes with a complementary lash tint. So, you get the desired mascara look, without the tiresome application. This lasts up to 6- 8 weeks and unlike the lash extensions, requires absolutely no maintenance! Saving you all the time it takes to use the pesky lash curler.

Tips and Tricks:

What Can Be Eliminated From My Daily Routine?

It is vital that we take care of our skin, because it is in fact the biggest organ in our body. But, you only need to be doing it once a day. Most people go through their multiple step face routine in the morning and again at night. Whilst doing it nightly is important, it isn’t necessary to do in the morning. Washing your face too much can strip it of its natural oils. If you have naturally oily skin and washing your face twice a day is a must, only use toner in the mornings. Toner not only shrinks the pours on the face, but it provides your skin with a deep cleanse, cleaning up any makeup or dirt that was left behind from the night before. Pretty Little Secrets, has Atomy’s Aqua 3 Set in stock. This set includes a toner, serum, and cream.

Atomy’s Toner immediately hydrates, and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and clean. The serum provides a moisture barrier that prevents the skin from dehydration. The cream stops further moisture loss.

Customer Question of the Month:

How do I avoid my makeup from looking heavy and “cakey”?

That cakey bumpy look is caused by pores on your face. To get rid of pores, you need to keep your face moisturized, so they close and prevent dirt from getting into them. As a result, when you do apply makeup it will give you that natural, air brushed look. Moisturize your face every morning. This is especially beneficial for those with naturally dry skin as it will provide it with the moisture it is initially lacking.

Spotlight Product of the Month

This brilliant product has many purposes and will reduce your numerous step routine drastically! Introducing The Atomy Healthy Glow Base. This product provides wrinkle care, evens skin tones, and provides protection from UV rays. It keeps makeup long lasting by controlling the sweat and sebum. So, now you can ditch the multitude of products you used before.

Time saving and effective, this product is a game changer and something you will definitely need. With a beautiful rose scent, you will go through the day feeling light and refreshed.

Atomy, (2018), Atomy Healthy Glow Base [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 23 September 2018].

 A Must Need for Back to School

  The month of August tends to bring bittersweet feelings. It’s still sunny and warm, but in the back of your mind you know school is starting to creep up. Back to school commercials fill the TV screens, and you must prepare yourself for the inevitable back to school shopping trip. There is no need to fear because Pretty Little Secrets has the perfect must needs, to begin your school year with a glamorous start.

  We all know that it is a constant rush to get ready for school in the morning. Having to hurry to get breakfast, picking the perfect school outfit, and maybe finishing some last-minute homework *wink wink*. The last thing we want to worry about is having to apply mascara. Never an easy thing to do, when sleep deprived and in a rush, it always ends up on our eyelids or nose, resulting in us wasting more time trying to remove it without ruining the rest of our makeup masterpiece. How some must long for something, anything that can give them the long lashes they want, without all the effort. Good news!!! There is such an invention and it is within arm’s length. Pretty Little Secrets can provide you with various forms of lash extensions. From natural, to glamorous and anything in between, we can provide you with your very own customized lash style, without the use of pesky mascara.


Tips and Tricks:

  1. To ensure that your lash extensions last as long as possible, avoid any oil-based product around the eyes. This includes liquid eyeliners, face wash, and makeup removers. The oils in these products can break down the adhesive holding the extension to the natural lash, causing quicker extension fall out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to clean your extensions! Many people fear that putting water around your eyes will cause the extension to come off sooner, but that is not the case!! If you avoid washing your eyes while you have extensions makeup residue and the natural eye discharge will start to collect and can cause eye infections. Just make sure to be cautious when drying the lashes. Instead of rubbing, gently pat the eye area.
  3. If you have naturally oily skin, apply eyeshadow primer to the eyelids. The primer will soak up all the oil preventing it from getting to the adhesive.
  4. If you have noticed your extensions getting a little tangled use the small brush, provided by your stylist to lightly comb them out. For those with volume extensions, because the extension fans are handmade, they will close up when wet. So, after getting them wet just brush through the lashes with the brush, and the fans will open up again.

Customer Question of the Month:

I have had reactions to extensions in the past, is there another option for me?

People’s allergic reactions stem from the cyanoacrylate present in the adhesive used.  You can develop this reaction to the adhesive after your first lash application or after years of use. We offer an alternative adhesive that contains no cyanoacrylate, for those who have sensitivity to the extension glue!

Spotlight Product of the Month

The revolutionary Lip Glow from ATOMY! Although school is on the horizon, we are still trekking through the sizzling summer days. The product everyone has in their carry on is sunscreen, but we often don’t think about our lips getting affected by the sun, when it’s one of the first things to burn. ATOMY’s Lip Glow, provides you with UV ray protection, a rosy tint to your lips, and keeps your lips moisturized. So, wait no longer come into the shop and pamper your lips by getting Lip Glow!!

Atomy, (2018), Atomy Lip Glow [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 15 August 2018].

SPC Partnership:

  We understand that student life can be tiring on you emotionally, mentally, and financially for those going into post- secondary education. That’s why Pretty Little Secrets has a partnership with SPC. All you need to do is bring in the SPC card and your student ID and you will receive 20% off any lash service and $5 off any brow service. So, come on in and get your desired lash and brow look at a reasonable price.

Student Price Card, (2018), SPC Logo [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 15 August 2018].

For 10 years I have worked hard to attain my own shop, while fighting the unfortunate, stigma that surrounds the beauty industry. I wanted to show people that making your personal beauty a priority isn’t superficial or vain. The wonderful feeling you get from looking and feeling beautiful translates into everything you do in life.  Everyone deserves to feel special and I am honored that I get to help people attain that. I want everyone to know that it is alright for you to think about yourself. As a working mother, I understand how difficult it can be to do this when there are so many other priorities in life. This is why I opened “Pretty Little Secrets”, a studio that is designed to help our clients see the true potential of their natural beauty. When leaving the shop, I want our customers to feel special. They deserve it.

What Dianne Does Before Putting on Makeup:

It is really important to take care of your skin, especially when it is constantly being coated in heavy makeup products. The Atomy Aqua 3 Set helps me take care of my skin. It is easy to apply and lasts longer too!!


Step 1: Atomy Aqua Toner

This toner is created with mineral water and is used to balance out the pH levels in your face, ensuring there is an even amount of moisture and oil. Place the toner onto a cotton pad and gently dab it on your face.


Step 2: Atomy Aqua Serum

This helps exfoliate and brighten up the skin. It is important that you have no makeup residue when beginning this stage.


Step 3: Atomy Aqua Cream

For this last step you just pump one or two drops of moisturizer into your hand and then gently massage it into the face and neck with a circular motion. This ensures that circulation is kept within the face, as well as providing a smooth surface for makeup to be applied

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Atomy, (2018), Atomy Aqua Toner [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 4 August 2018].
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Atomy, (2018), Atomy Aqua Serum [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 4 August 2018].
Atomy, (2018), Atomy Aqua Cream [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 4 August 2018].
Atomy, (2018), Atomy Aqua Cream [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 4 August 2018].

Customer Question of the month:

What should you do to maintain ageing brows?

Naturally when we get older, our eyebrow hairs get weaker and have a tendency to fall out. To prevent this from happening, I suggest you apply non-scented Vaseline on your eyebrows every night with a Q- tip. You need to make sure you have moisturized the skin around the brow because if you don’t the follicles could dry out and cause the hairs to fall out. The Vaseline creates a synthetic barrier preventing this from happening.

Spotlight Product of the month:

The fabulous Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioner from EyEnvy! Now, although Vaseline can help with the prevention of hair fall out, if you are looking for hair growth, this is the product to use. This hydrating formula uses a combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides to create your dream brows and lash looks. You simply apply the product once every morning on the brow and on the lash line of your eyes. After 4 to 6 weeks you should start to see new hair growing. So, for those of you who are wanting longer and thicker brow and lash hairs, this product is a must!

Available At Pretty Little Secrets

Eyenvy, (2018), EyEnvy Conditioner [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 28 June 2018]

Contest Alert: 

Have your brows been victim to years of over plucking? Have they been away from a pair of tweezers for too long. Whatever your brow story, we want to help. Send us photo’s of your mistreated brows. If you know someone in need of some serious brow help, send us their photo. The person we think needs the most help will win a free brow transformation.


  1. Does not need to be a photo of your brows, it could be a friend or family member that you would like to help out.
  2. We want to take photos throughout your brow journey with us, so photo consent must be provided, as photos will appear on our website.
  3. Only one photo submission per person.

What you will receive if you win:

You will receive four free brow correctional services in order to get your ideal brow shape.

Contest ends December 2018, so make sure to send in your photos!