Pretty Little Secrets TM Provides Clients With A Warm And Relaxing Environment. Our Pleasant Staff Was Not Only Hired For Their Proficient Lash And Brow Skills But For Their Interactive Abilities As Well. Clients Feel A Sense Of Comfort When Entering The Studio And Walk Out Of The Store With A New Found Confidence. 

A few words from the founder

As the founder of Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar, my passion is driven by my ability to perfectly craft detailed eyelash and eyebrow makeovers. For over 10 years, I’ve been working towards the dream of one day owning my own business. While some people think the beauty industry is superficial and for those who care too much about their appearances, as a working woman and mom, I truly understand how difficult it is to prioritize what you need versus what you want.

Many of us spend more time making sure everyone around us is cared for but forget about taking care of ourselves. The beauty industry has been telling us for years that looking good makes us feel better about ourselves, everything we do at Pretty Little Secrets TM is designed to help our clients see the true potential of their natural beauty.

Pretty Little Secrets Lash & Brow Bar's Founder, Dianne
Xtreme Lashes Certified
Certified And Licensed Eyelash And Eyebrow Artists

Our core values.
We base our everyday operations on creativity, respect- honesty and integrity.
We hire only qualified, trained, experience beauty artists. Our reputation depends on it.
Our company is completely transparent with the services and products we provide. As artists we are always striving to push the envelope with always being innovative in this ever growing industry.

Empowering Women

It is a privilege to be in an industry that allows me to improve a woman’s self-esteem. If a woman feels beautiful, she will become more self-assured, positive and confident. Not only do I strive to provide this to my clients, but to my staff as well.
Half our staff are under twenty years of age. Unfortunately, you don’t see this very often with small businesses because of the stigma surrounding young people. I only hire trained and qualified beauty artists, age is of no importance to me. It is very important for young people to feel that they are just as capable as their older colleagues. They need to feel strong and empowered as well. As soon as we start giving the opportunities to showcase their capabilities, the more they will flourish and improve later in life.
My aim is to empower woman. I commend anyone else that strives to do that as well.
“Be you, be beautiful, and never doubt your capabilities”



Since opening our studio, we’ve helped many women who have experienced different kinds of facial hair loss. Either they have non-existent eyebrows or the hairs are just starting to grow back because the patient is in remission.

We had no idea that our brow services would have such a big impact for these women. Alice is just one of the many women we’ve worked with, but her story is what has compelled us to want to help everyone—men, women, and children—feel good and beautiful, especially when they’re going through so much.

We believe that a service such as ours can preserve patients’ dignity and maintain their quality of life.

If you know anyone dealing with lash or brow hair loss from cancer treatments, let them in on our pretty little secret. We can help give them back their lashes and brows before, during and after treatment.
Photo: Snap'd bloor west village Event: Raising awareness on lash and brow services and the benefits it can have for those with facial hair loss.

Pretty Little Secrets TM got their hot tools and hair brushes out for Toronto Kids Fashion Week this year. This amazing event has kids strutting their stuff down the runway, displaying not only some of the world’s most iconic kids clothes brands, but clothes from upcoming kids brands as well. It is not just about the beautiful clothing though. Before the actual event all the kids participating take part in multiple workshops, all aimed to ``build confidence, inspire creativity and develop their potential`` (T.K.F.W). Most importantly this event is in support of “Make A Wish”. Money made from this event goes towards Make A Wish, an organisation whose mission is to grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions.

Pretty Little Secrets TM had the honour of doing all the little lovelies hair for this special event. This being Adrianna’s first outing as Pretty Little Secrets TM co-op student she says, ``This is such an amazing opportunity for those who are just being introduced to the beauty industry. You get the opportunity to see how everything works, how high pressure it is!!`` Only having a certain amount of time, and so much hair to style, we were so lucky to have Elsie, our P.L.S hair stylist, to lead the way ``It was a great experience. I loved seeing not only our team working together, but all the other teams involved as well. Everyone worked so efficiently to make sure that the kids, and the audience had a great time ``. Never a dull moment, by the end of the event PLS, frazzled and exhausted, got to see some of the kids walking down the runway!! Dianne the owner of Pretty Little Secrets TM had this to say “The modelling industry is hard, there are a lot of things and people that are needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. At the end of the day all of the hard work was worth it. The kids look great, they were so cute!”

This was such an amazing event and everyone here at Pretty Little Secrets TM, left it not only with a great experience under their belt, but with an appreciation for everything that T.K.F.W does.

Photo: Toronto's Kids Fashion Week, Daniel Spectrum 585 Dundas St E. Event: Toronto Kids Fashion Week. Supporting the “Make A Wish” foundation.
World Series of Beauty Lash Conference & Championship

Pretty Little Secrets very own Dianne, and a small part of the team went to Las Vegas to take part in the World Series of Beauty Lash Conference & Championship.

This event, created by lash artists, has lash technicians from all around the world travel to not only compete but to chat and network with one another. Before the competition took place a conference was held with an array of speakers: from coaches, to fellow lash technicians, this conference presented all participants with the best up to date lashing trends, the most effective lash application techniques, how to improve your application speed, etc… Apart from actual application seminars there were also speakers aimed to help you create and maintain a successful lash business, from professionals in the marketing industry, to speakers discussing how to form an effective lash team, this conference really hit all the bases when it comes to thriving in the lash industry.

After the conference took place, it was time for the competition! With various different categories to choose from Dianne entered into the Classic Expert Division, where she competed head to head with other lash technicians with over 2 years’ experience in the industry. With a nerve racking two hours to apply the classic set, all lash technicians had to put their best lashing techniques to the test. You were judged not only on your ability to apply the set but on numerous other aspects as well; from the thickness and curl, to the styling, symmetry, distance from eyelid, general impression, and so much more. Even the most experienced lash technicians were put to the test.

Once the lash competition was complete all participants got all dolled up for the Gala where the results of the competition would be announced. Dressed to the nines, Dianne and her team had a blast at the Gala, where mouth-watering food was served and incredible performers captivated the crowd. With this wonderful event under her belt Dianne had to say:

“I had such an amazing few days in Vegas, not only did I get to talk to and learn with so many other incredible lash technicians, but I was able to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity with some members of my Pretty Little Secrets team. With them I got to experience and enjoy Vegas to the fullest and I will forever hold the memory. Even though I did not bring home the win, I was honored to represent Toronto, Canada in the competition.”

A huge thank you to Lash Artisan for sponsoring Dianne and being such a big support through the whole process, and thank you to all the PLS clientele for all your well wishes!



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